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Our mission is to give second home residents a way to protect their investment, minimize damage from the unexpected, and deepen their connections to the Hudson Valley.

Weekly Home Checks

Visual Inspections & Key Holder Services include detailed reports with images and issues flagged. 

Vetted Staff

Secure, Responsive and Trustworthy. Insured and Bonded Professionals.

Concierge services

Deepen your connection to the region by supporting local restaurants, service providers and  artisans.

Your Problem: 

  • You are away from your second home for several weeks at a time .
  • You are not the only one sleeping at your second home consistently.
  • Your homeowners insurance may require that the home is monitored regularly either via a home watch service or you personally. 
  • You may feel that despite owning a local home, you are disconnected from the region. 
  • You have no one you can trust in the area or that is insured to monitor your home or take action when the unexpected happens.

Our Solution: Regular Home Checks

  • We provide frequent visits to your property and are on-call 24/7.
  • We provide Key Holder services available to coordinate & be present to meet a service professional, check in/out guests or receive a delivery. 
  • We follow a customized checklist covering external perimeter and an internal walk-through. We offer consistent communication and a visit report with issues flagged. We provide documentation for your insurance company.   
  • We connect you to the abundance of the local Hudson Valley.
  • We act as your fierce and autonomous advocates.
  • We are accredited by the National Home Watch Association who defines Home Watch as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Liz Harrington, Founder & Chief Visionary

After 20 years managing key relationships and as a business to business connector for large for-profit organizations, Liz saw the opportunity to apply her skills 100% local as an advocate for homeowners, always looking out for their best interests while providing a constant and consistent line of communication.   As a New Economy Pollinator, with Hudson Valley’s local currency, the Current, she was already working to nurture local connections, find synergies between local businesses and vet service providers. Similar to bees in nature, as a business pollinator, Liz engaged with local business owners, carrying the best elements of one local business to another.  Before long, she saw the service gap and pulled together a team made up of an incredible network of local experts, producers and service providers.  

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